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标签:蜘蛛 螯角 猎物
摘要 : 德国马克斯 - 普朗克研究所的研究人员揭示了蜘蛛螯角的结构力学,它们可解释为什么蜘蛛能高效地攻击猎物和使猎物丧失能力。相关文章发表于2014年5月27日的《Nature Communications》杂志上。

蜘蛛的螯角必须能够承受很大的机械应力,为此它们形成了一个独特的架构。Benny Bar-On及同事对一种大型游猎型蜘蛛(Cupiennius salei)的螯角做了模拟实验,以了解这种架构怎样变成一个高效捕猎工具。




Multiscale structural gradients enhance the biomechanical functionality of the spider fang

Benny Bar-On, Friedrich G. Barth, Peter Fratzl & Yael Politi

The spider fang is a natural injection needle, hierarchically built from a complex composite material comprising multiscale architectural gradients. Considering its biomechanical function, the spider fang has to sustain significant mechanical loads. Here we apply experiment-based structural modelling of the fang, followed by analytical mechanical description and Finite-Element simulations, the results of which indicate that the naturally evolved fang architecture results in highly adapted effective structural stiffness and damage resilience. The analysis methods and physical insights of this work are potentially important for investigating and understanding the architecture and structural motifs of sharp-edge biological elements such as stingers, teeth, claws and more.

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