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标签:野蜂 授粉 物种
摘要 : Nature Communications上发表的一项研究发现,由野蜂进行的作物授粉近80%是由仅仅2%的最常见蜂种提供的。这表明,只保护有重要经济价值生物的效益与保护多种不同物种的效益是不一样的。

Nature Communications上发表的一项研究发现,由野蜂进行的作物授粉近80%是由仅仅2%的最常见蜂种提供的。这表明,只保护有重要经济价值生物的效益与保护多种不同物种的效益是不一样的。


David Kleijn及同事综合了来自在五个大陆(包括欧洲和北美洲)对野蜂进行的超过90 项研究的数据,并对所研究的785个蜂种中哪些提供来自作物授粉的最佳经济效益进行了分析。他们发现,野蜂群落对作物产量的平均贡献是每公顷3000美元以上,其在经济上的贡献程度与人工管理的蜜蜂群落是一样的。然而,他们还注意到,野蜂提供的作物授粉服务的绝大部分是由少数几种最常见的野蜂完成的。



Delivery of crop pollination services is an insufficient argument for wild pollinator conservation



There is compelling evidence that more diverse ecosystems deliver greater benefits to people, and these ecosystem services have become a key argument for biodiversity conservation. However, it is unclear how much biodiversity is needed to deliver ecosystem services in a cost-effective way. Here we show that, while the contribution of wild bees to crop production is significant, service delivery is restricted to a limited subset of all known bee species. Across crops, years and biogeographical regions, crop-visiting wild bee communities are dominated by a small number of common species, and threatened species are rarely observed on crops. Dominant crop pollinators persist under agricultural expansion and many are easily enhanced by simple conservation measures, suggesting that cost-effective management strategies to promote crop pollination should target a different set of species than management strategies to promote threatened bees. Conserving the biological diversity of bees therefore requires more than just ecosystem-service-based arguments.

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