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摘要 : 催产素在调节社会互动和母亲行为中所起作用已经很清楚了,但我们对这种激素是怎样影响神经回路以驱动这些行为变化的却不是很了解。

 催产素在调节社会互动和母亲行为中所起作用已经很清楚了,但我们对这种激素是怎样影响神经回路以驱动这些行为变化的却不是很了解。在这篇论文中,Robert Froemke及同事对小鼠的“pup retrieval”行为进行了研究,发现催产素专门在左听觉皮层中调节皮层对幼崽叫声的反应。对“处女”小鼠来说,由叫声激发的反应得到增强,从而通过在左听觉皮层中使催产素输送与幼崽叫声相结合而让叫声显得更突出。这种增强是通过抑制与激发在幅度和时间上的特定平衡产生的。


Oxytocin enables maternal behaviour by balancing cortical inhibition

原文摘要:Oxytocin is important for social interactions and maternal behaviour. However, little is known about when, wher and how oxytocin modulates neural circuits to improve social cognition. Here we show how oxytocin enables pup retrieval behaviour in female mice by enhancing auditory cortical pup call responses. Retrieval behaviour required the left but not right auditory cortex, was accelerated by oxytocin in the left auditory cortex, and oxytocin receptors were preferentially expressed in the left auditory cortex. Neural responses to pup calls were lateralized, with co-tuned and temporally precise excitatory and inhibitory responses in the left cortex of maternal but not pup-naive adults. Finally, pairing calls with oxytocin enhanced responses by balancing the magnitude and timing of inhibition with excitation. Our results describe fundamental synaptic mechanisms by which oxytocin increases the salience of acoustic social stimuli. Furthermore, oxytocin-induced plasticity provides a biological basis for lateralization of auditory cortical processing.

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