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摘要 : 韩国汉阳大学的研究人员发现,一种与微量水发生作用产生自然荧光和颜色变化的聚合物,在指纹识别技术上能够发挥重要作用。因为其灵敏度被证明高到足以能够检测人手上单个汗毛孔的程度,因而能够产生详细的、彩色版本的指纹。相关文章发表于2014年4月29日的《Nature Communications》杂志上。

本期Nature Communications上发表的一篇论文报告说,一种能够响应于微量水而发出自然荧光和产生颜色变化的聚合物在指纹识别技术上有可能会派上用场。这项研究中所报告的方法,其灵敏度被证明高到足以能够检测人手上单个汗毛孔的程度,因而能够产生详细的、彩色版本的指纹。

将汗毛孔用作一种指纹检测手段的思想是在这门学科发展的早期被提出来的,但用来获取汗毛孔分布图的廉价、快速和可靠的方法此前被证明难以实现。现在,Jong-Man Kim及同事介绍了一种基于聚合物的简单材料,它能通过喷墨打印技术被打印出来,而且当有指纹存在时,还能立即有反应,灵敏到甚至足以能将功能毛孔与那些不活跃的毛孔区分开来。



Hydrochromic conjugated polymers for human sweat pore mapping

Joosub Lee, Minkyeong Pyo, Sang-hwa Lee, Jaeyong Kim, Moonsoo Ra, Whoi-Yul Kim, Bum Jun Park, Chan Woo Lee & Jong-Man Kim

Hydrochromic materials have been actively investigated in the context of humidity sensing and measuring water contents in organic solvents. Here we report a sensor system that undergoes a brilliant blue-to-red colour transition as well as ‘Turn-On’ fluorescence upon exposure to water. Introduction of a hygroscopic element into a supramolecularly assembled polydiacetylene results in a hydrochromic conjugated polymer that is rapidly responsive (<20 μs), spin-coatable and inkjet-compatible. imp0rtantly, the hydrochromic sensor is found to be suitable for mapping human sweat pores. The exceedingly small quantities (sub-nanolitre) of water secreted from sweat pores are sufficient to promote an instantaneous colorimetric transition of the polymer. As a result, the sensor can be used to construct a precise map of active sweat pores on fingertips. The sensor technology, developed in this study, has the potential of serving as new method for fingerprint analysis and for the clinical diagnosis of malfunctioning sweat pores.

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