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摘要 : 本期封面为从通过Neurovault.org数据库分享的529个数据集获得的统计图的轴向投影,采用“独立成分分析”将其按照它们的投影排列到一个二维空间中。

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本期封面为从通过Neurovault.org数据库分享的529个数据集获得的统计图的轴向投影,采用“独立成分分析”将其按照它们的投影排列到一个二维空间中。对人脑功能的研究受到媒体很大关注,但重要的是要意识到所采用方法本身以及它们应用方式固有的局限性。在这篇Review文章中,Russell Poldrack 和Martha Farah对目前用来研究人类脑功能的方法进行了分析,重点关注有关思想的神经基础的研究,同时还讨论了这些方法用来验证有关因果机制的假说的能力。他们还思考了人类神经科学在现实中的几个当前和潜在的应用以及其中所涉及的挑战。


Progress and challenges in probing the human brain


Perhaps one of the greatest scientific challenges is to understand the human brain. Here we review current methods in human neuroscience, highlighting the ways that they have been used to study the neural bases of the human mind. We begin with a consideration of different levels of description relevant to human neuroscience, from molecules to large-scale networks, and then review the methods that probe these levels and the ability of these methods to test hypotheses about causal mechanisms. Functional MRI is considered in particular detail, as it has been responsible for much of the recent growth of human neuroscience research. We briefly review its inferential strengths and weaknesses and present examples of new analytic approaches that allow inferences beyond simple localization of psychological processes. Finally, we review the prospects for real-world applications and new scientific challenges for human neuroscience.

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