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Nature: 果蝇幼虫的一个多感觉回路

标签:信号传导 果蝇
摘要 : 在做决定时,动物必须对各种不同感觉刺激进行整合,但多模式感觉信息是在信息处理过程的早期还是晚期被整合的在很大程度上却不知道。

在做决定时,动物必须对各种不同感觉刺激进行整合,但多模式感觉信息是在信息处理过程的早期还是晚期被整合的在很大程度上却不知道。通过对行为自由的动物进行神经操纵,并结合生理学研究和电子显微镜重建,Marta Zlatic及同事跟踪了数千个神经元中使果蝇幼虫能够逃避机械刺激或痛觉刺激的全部138个神经元。他们以“单突触”分辨率对全功能连接进行了定位分析。由此获得的“连接组”显示了一个复杂的多级汇聚架构,在其中,两个信号传导通道在从感觉神经元到中间神经元和运动神经元的每个阶段都汇聚和相互作用,这会提高系统的敏感性及其输入-输出功能的丰富度。这种多感觉回路在一个可以通过遗传追踪的模型系统中的发现,为研究大脑和神经索通道的多种相互作用提供了一个资源。


A multilevel multimodal circuit enhances action selecion in Drosophila


Natural events present multiple types of sensory cues, each detected by a specialized sensory modality. Combining information from several modalities is essential for the selection of appropriate actions. Key to understanding multimodal computations is determining the structural patterns of multimodal convergence and how these patterns contribute to behaviour. Modalities could converge early, late or at multiple levels in the sensory processing hierarchy. Here we show that combining mechanosensory and nociceptive cues synergistically enhances the selection of the fastest mode of escape locomotion in Drosophila larvae. In an electron microscopy volume that spans the entire insect nervous system, we reconstructed the multisensory circuit supporting the synergy, spanning multiple levels of the sensory processing hierarchy. The wiring diagram revealed a complex multilevel multimodal convergence architecture. Using behavioural and physiological studies, we identified functionally connected circuit nodes that trigger the fastest locomotor mode, and others that facilitate it, and we provide evidence that multiple levels of multimodal integration contribute to escape mode selection. We propose that the multilevel multimodal convergence architecture may be a general feature of multisensory circuits enabling complex input–output functions and selective tuning to ecologically relevant combinations of cues.

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