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Scientific Reports:你喜欢的歌曲怎样影响你的大脑

摘要 : 美国北卡罗莱纳大学等处的研究人员表明,听一首自己喜欢的歌曲似乎会触发一个共同的脑活动模式,而不管这首歌曲的风格是什么。这些发现也许可解释为什么在听他们喜欢的音乐(不管是贝多芬的还是艾米纳姆的)时,不同的人会有相似的情绪感觉和记忆反应。相关文章发表于2014年8月28日的《Scientific Reports》杂志上。





为了解为什么不同的人会有相似的体验,Jonathan Burdette及同事对21个人在听不同类型音乐、包括摇滚、说唱和古典音乐时功能性脑网络的差别进行了评估(他们所采用的是“功能性磁共振成像”、即fMRI数据)。他们识别出了与歌曲喜好相关的一致的脑连接模式。当听他们自称喜欢的歌曲时,该研究的参加者在一个与“心无旁骛”相关的脑回路中表现出连接增强,同时在听觉脑区域与负责记忆和社会化情绪之巩固的区域之间的联系显示被改变。



Network Science and the Effects of Music Preference on Functional Brain Connectivity: From Beethoven to Eminem

R. W. Wilkins, D. A. Hodges, P. J. Laurienti, M. Steen & J. H. Burdette

Most people choose to listen to music that they prefer or ‘like’ such as classical, country or rock. Previous research has focused on how different characteristics of music (i.e., classical versus country) affect the brain. Yet, when listening to preferred music—regardless of the type—people report they often experience personal thoughts and memories. To date, understanding how this occurs in the brain has remained elusive. Using network science methods, we evaluated differences in functional brain connectivity when individuals listened to complete songs. We show that a circuit important for internally-focused thoughts, known as the default mode network, was most connected when listening to preferred music. We also show that listening to a favorite song alters the connectivity between auditory brain areas and the hippocampus, a region responsible for memory and social emotion consolidation. Given that musical preferences are uniquely individualized phenomena and that music can vary in acoustic complexity and the presence or absence of lyrics, the consistency of our results was unexpected. These findings may explain why comparable emotional and mental states can be experienced by people listening to music that differs as widely as Beethoven and Eminem. The neurobiological and neurorehabilitation implications of these results are discussed.

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