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摘要 : 在很多物种中,运动开始之前都发现运动皮层和运动前皮层中的神经活动增加。这种活动对于将要发生的运动的方向来说往往不是特定的,它与运动信号有什么关系仍不清楚。在这项研究中,Karel Svoboda 及同事分析了小鼠前侧向运动皮层内的神经元对运动规划的贡献。

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在很多物种中,运动开始之前都发现运动皮层和运动前皮层中的神经活动增加。这种活动对于将要发生的运动的方向来说往往不是特定的,它与运动信号有什么关系仍不清楚。在这项研究中,Karel Svoboda 及同事分析了小鼠前侧向运动皮层内的神经元对运动规划的贡献。


原文链接:A motor cortex circuit for motor planning and movement

Activity in motor cortex predicts specific movements seconds before they occur, but how this preparatory activity relates to upcoming movements is obscure. We dissected the conversion of preparatory activity to movement within a structured motor cortex circuit. An anterior lateral region of the mouse cortex (a possible homologue of premotor cortex in primates) contains equal proportions of intermingled neurons predicting ipsi- or contralateral movements, yet unilateral inactivation of this cortical region during movement planning disrupts contralateral movements. Using cell-type-specific electrophysiology, cellular imaging and optogenetic perturbation, we show that layer 5 neurons projecting within the cortex have unbiased laterality. Activity with a contralateral population bias arises specifically in layer 5 neurons projecting to the brainstem, and only late during movement planning. These results reveal the transformation of distributed preparatory activity into movement commands within hierarchically organized cortical circuits.

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