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摘要 : 碳水化合物的分叉结构和立体异构现象使得它们难以分析,尤其是当它们是合成的时。

 碳水化合物的分叉结构和立体异构现象使得它们难以分析,尤其是当它们是合成的时。Peter Seeberger及同事在这项研究中显示,“离子淌度-质谱”(IM–MS,根据质量、电荷、大小和形状来分离分子的一种方法)能够准确无误地识别多糖区域异构体和立体异构体。他们对组成、连接性或构形不同的六种合成碳水化合物异构体进行了分析。分析速度很快,只需要少量样本,说明IM–MS将是对复杂碳水化合物进行分析的一个极为有效的工具。


Identification of carbohydrate anomers using ion mobility–mass spectrometry


Carbohydrates are ubiquitous biological polymers that are important in a broad range of biological processes. However, owing to their branched structures and the presence of stereogenic centres at each glycosidic linkage between monomers, carbohydrates are harder to characterize than are peptides and oligonucleotides. Methods such as nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy can be used to characterize glycosidic linkages, but this technique requires milligram amounts of material and cannot detect small amounts of coexisting isomers. Mass spectrometry, on the other hand, can provide information on carbohydrate composition and connectivity for even small amounts of sample, but it cannot be used to distinguish between stereoisomers. Here, we demonstrate that ion mobility–mass spectrometry—a method that separates molecules according to their mass, charge, size, and shape—can unambiguously identify carbohydrate linkage-isomers and stereoisomers. We analysed six synthetic carbohydrate isomers that differ in composition, connectivity, or configuration. Our data show that coexisting carbohydrate isomers can be identified, and relative concentrations of the minor isomer as low as 0.1 per cent can be detected. In addition, the analysis is rapid, and requires no derivatization and only small amounts of sample. These results indicate that ion mobility–mass spectrometry is an effective tool for the analysis of complex carbohydrates. This method could have an impact on the field of carbohydrate synthesis similar to that of the advent of high-performance liquid chromatography on the field of peptide assembly in the late 1970s.

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