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Nature Com:miRNA可促进骨骼肌再生

摘要 : 日本京都大学的研究人员发现两种能够促进骨骼肌再生的小核糖核酸,添加了小核糖核酸的骨骼肌干细胞被植入患有肌肉萎缩症的动物体内,可成功实现骨骼肌的再生。相关文章发表于2014年8月14日的《Nature Communications》杂志上。






miR-195/497 induce postnatal quiescence of skeletal muscle stem cells

Takahiko Sato, Takuya Yamamoto & Atsuko Sehara-Fujisawa

Skeletal muscle stem cells (MuSCs), the major source for skeletal muscle regeneration in vertebrates, are in a state of cell cycle arrest in adult skeletal muscles. Prior evidence suggests that embryonic muscle progenitors proliferate and differentiate to form myofibres and also self-renew, implying that MuSCs, derived from these cells, acquire quiescence later during development. Depletion of ​Dicer in adult MuSCs promoted their exit from quiescence, suggesting microRNAs are involved in the maintenance of quiescence. Here we identified ​miR-195 and ​miR-497 that induce cell cycle arrest by targeting cell cycle genes, Cdc25 and Ccnd. Reduced expression of ​MyoD in juvenile MuSCs, as a result of overexpressed ​miR-195/497 or attenuated Cdc25/Ccnd, revealed an intimate link between quiescence and suppression of myogenesis in MuSCs. Transplantation of cultured MuSCs treated with ​miR-195/497 contributed more efficiently to regenerating muscles of ​dystrophin-deficient mice, indicating the potential utility of ​miR-195/497 for stem cell therapies.

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