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摘要 : 这项研究探讨微生物肠道代谢组与胰岛素抗性之间的关系,发现在胰岛素抗性个体中脂多糖和支链氨基酸(BCAA)生物合成的潜力增大。

 这项研究探讨微生物肠道代谢组与胰岛素抗性之间的关系,发现在胰岛素抗性个体中脂多糖和支链氨基酸(BCAA)生物合成的潜力增大。这表明,由生态失调诱导的血清代谢组变化有助于糖尿病的发生。微生物功能与胰岛素抗性之间的正相关主要是由少数几种微生物驱动的,尤其是普氏菌(Prevotella copri)和普通拟杆菌(Bacteroides vulgatus)。让小鼠感染普氏菌,导致血清中BCAA循环水平升高和葡萄糖耐受不良加重。


Human gut microbes impact host serum metabolome and insulin sensitivity


Insulin resistance is a forerunner state of ischaemic cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. Here we show how the human gut microbiome impacts the serum metabolome and associates with insulin resistance in 277 non-diabetic Danish individuals. The serum metabolome of insulin-resistant individuals is characterized by increased levels of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), which correlate with a gut microbiome that has an enriched biosynthetic potential for BCAAs and is deprived of genes encoding bacterial inward transporters for these amino acids. Prevotella copriand Bacteroides vulgatus are identified as the main species driving the association between biosynthesis of BCAAs and insulin resistance, and in mice we demonstrate that P. copri can induce insulin resistance, aggravate glucose intolerance and augment circulating levels of BCAAs. Our findings suggest that microbial targets may have the potential to diminish insulin resistance and reduce the incidence of common metabolic and cardiovascular disorders.

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