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摘要 : 美国各地以及巴西、中国和印度等国的实验室合作,定义1型干扰素、白介素-1和前列腺素E2这三个免疫调节分子间的相互作用,研究出了一个免疫治疗方法。这项工作是对以寄主“类二十烷酸”网络为目标的治疗方法的一个概念证明,同时也为传统化疗提供了可行的替代方案。相关文章发表于2014年6月25日的《Nature》杂志上。



Katrin Mayer-Barber及同事发现,这些细胞因子是在功能上通过“类二十烷酸”相联系的。这项工作是对以寄主“类二十烷酸”网络为目标的治疗方法的一个概念证明,同时也为传统化疗提供了可行的替代方案。


Host-directed therapy of tuberculosis based on interleukin-1 and type I interferon crosstalk

Katrin D. Mayer-Barber, Bruno B. Andrade, Sandra D. Oland, Eduardo P. Amaral, Daniel L. Barber, Jacqueline Gonzales, Steven C. Derrick, Ruiru Shi, Nathella Pavan Kumar, Wang Wei, Xing Yuan, Guolong Zhang, Ying Cai, Subash Babu, Marta Catalfamo, Andres M. Salazar, Laura E. Via, Clifton E. Barry III & Alan Sher

Tuberculosis remains second only to HIV/AIDS as the leading cause of mortality worldwide due to a single infectious agent. Despite chemotherapy, the global tuberculosis epidemic has intensified because of HIV co-infection, the lack of an effective vaccine and the emergence of multi-drug-resistant bacteria. Alternative host-directed strategies could be exploited to improve treatment efficacy and outcome, contain drug-resistant strains and reduce disease severity and mortality. The innate inflammatory response elicited by Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb) represents a logical host target. Here we demonstrate that interleukin-1 (IL-1) confers host resistance through the induction of eicosanoids that limit excessive type I interferon (IFN) production and foster bacterial containment. We further show that, in infected mice and patients, reduced IL-1 responses and/or excessive type I IFN induction are linked to an eicosanoid imbalance associated with disease exacerbation. Host-directed immunotherapy with clinically approved drugs that augment prostaglandin E2 levels in these settings prevented acute mortality of Mtb-infected mice. Thus, IL-1 and type I IFNs represent two major counter-regulatory classes of inflammatory cytokines that control the outcome of Mtb infection and are functionally linked via eicosanoids. Our findings establish proof of concept for host-directed treatment strategies that manipulate the host eicosanoid network and represent feasible alternatives to conventional chemotherapy.

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