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Sci Rep:农科院上海兽医所马志永研究组揭示p53基因的抵抗细菌感染作用

摘要 : 近日,国际学术权威刊物自然出版集团旗下子刊《Scientific Reports》杂志在线发表了中国农业科学院上海兽医研究所马志永研究组题为“Tumor suppressor p53 protects mice against Listeria monocytogenes infection”的研究论文

 近日,国际学术权威刊物自然出版集团旗下子刊《Scientific Reports》杂志在线发表了中国农业科学院上海兽医研究所马志永研究组题为“Tumor suppressor p53 protects mice against Listeria monocytogenes infection”的研究论文,研究发现肿瘤抑制因子p53具有抵抗单增李斯特菌感染作用,并阐明了其调控宿主免疫反应帮助宿主逃避细菌感染的作用机制。上海兽医所猪呼吸道传染病创新团队首席专家马志永研究员为论文通讯作者,王少辉副研究员为论文第一作者。




Tumor suppressor p53 protects mice against Listeria monocytogenes infection


Tumor suppressor p53 is involved in regulating immune responses, which contribute to antitumor and antiviral activity. However, whether p53 has anti-bacterial functions remains unclear. Listeria monocytogenes(LM) causes listeriosis in humans and animals, and it is a powerful model for studying innate and adaptive immunity. In the present study, we illustrate an important regulatory role of p53 during LM infection. p53 knockout (p53KO) mice were more susceptible to LM infection, which was manifested by a shorter survival time and lower survival rate. p53KO mice showed significant impairments in LM eradication. Knockdown of p53 in RAW264.7 and HeLa cells resulted in increased invasion and intracellular survival of LM. Furthermore, the invasion and intracellular survival of LM was inhibited in p53-overexpressing RAW264.7 and HeLa cells. LM-infected p53KO mice exhibited severe clinical symptoms and organ injury, presumably because of the abnormal production of the pro-inflammatory cytokines TNF-α, IL-6, IL-12, and IL-18. Decreased IFN-γ and GBP1 productions were observed in LM-infected p53-deficient mice or cells. The combination of these defects likely resulted in the overwhelming LM infection in the p53KO mice. These observations indicate that p53 serves as an important regulator of the host innate immune that protects against LM infection.

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