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摘要 : frequency (frq) 基因是脉孢菌的节律振荡器的一个核心组成部分。在这项研究中,Yi Liu及同事发现,frq的转录及其反义转录物qrf是互相抑制的,形成一个“双负”(double negative)反馈环,这个反馈环是稳定、持久的生物节律所需的。该反义转录物通过导致过早的转录终止来抑制反义转录物的表达。反义转录因而是节律系统的一个必要特征。


frequency (frq) 基因是脉孢菌的节律振荡器的一个核心组成部分。在这项研究中,Yi Liu及同事发现,frq的转录及其反义转录物qrf是互相抑制的,形成一个“双负”(double negative)反馈环,这个反馈环是稳定、持久的生物节律所需的。该反义转录物通过导致过早的转录终止来抑制反义转录物的表达。反义转录因而是节律系统的一个必要特征。


Transcriptional interference by antisense RNA is required for circadian clock function

Zhihong Xue, Qiaohong Ye, Simon R. Anson, Jichen Yang, Guanghua Xiao, David Kowbel,N. Louise Glass, Susan K. Crosthwaite & Yi Liu

Abstract: Eukaryotic circadian oscillators consist of negative feedback loops that generate endogenous rhythmicities1. Natural antisense RNAs are found in a wide range of eukaryotic organisms2, 3, 4, 5. Nevertheless, the physiological importance and mode of action of most antisense RNAs are not clear6, 7, 8, 9. frequency (frq) encodes a component of the Neurospora core circadian negative feedback loop, which was thought to generate sustained rhythmicity10. Transcription of qrf, the long non-coding frq antisense RNA, is induced by light, and its level oscillates in antiphase to frq sense RNA3. Here we show that qrf transcription is regulated by both light-dependent and light-independent mechanisms. Light-dependent qrf transcription represses frq expression and regulates clock resetting. Light-independent qrf expression, on the other hand, is required for circadian rhythmicity. frq transcription also inhibits qrf expression and drives the antiphasic rhythm of qrftranscripts. The mutual inhibition of frq and qrf transcription thus forms a double negative feedback loop that is interlocked with the core feedback loop. Genetic and mathematical modelling analyses indicate that such an arrangement is required for robust and sustained circadian rhythmicity. Moreover, our results suggest that antisense transcription inhibits sense expression by mediating chromatin modifications and premature termination of transcription. Taken together, our results establish antisense transcription as an essential feature in a circadian system and shed light on the importance and mechanism of antisense action.(doi: 10.1038/nature13671

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