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Sci Rep:美学者报道印度二氧化硫排放量超过中国

摘要 : 2017年11月9日,国际学术权威刊物自然出版集团旗下子刊《Scientific Reports》杂志在线发表了美国马里兰大学李灿研究组的一篇研究论文,论文报道了印度正在取代中国成为世界上最大的人为因素二氧化硫排放国。

2017年11月9日,国际学术权威刊物自然出版集团旗下子刊《Scientific Reports》杂志在线发表了美国马里兰大学李灿研究组的一篇研究论文,论文报道了印度正在取代中国成为世界上最大的人为因素二氧化硫排放国。

研究显示,自2007年以来,中国的二氧化硫排放量减少了75%,而印度则增加了50%。 中国和印度是世界上最大的两个煤炭消费国。众所周知,必须拥有及时准确的二氧化硫来源信息才能建立空气质量模型,用以预测和缓解污染。但是,这类信息在中国和印度却很难获得,因为两国的经济状况和环境法规变化速度快,常常导致排放量出现不可预见的变化。 Can Li及同事利用NASA Aura宇宙飞船搭载的臭氧监测仪器所监测到的二氧化硫数据,研究了2005年-2016年中国和印度的二氧化硫污染变化。他们发现中国的二氧化硫排放量在2007年达到高峰,为36.6兆吨/年,之后整体呈下降趋势。至2016年降到8.4兆吨,为2005年的26%。相比之下,根据作者的计算,印度2016年的二氧化硫排放量约为11.1兆吨/年。 作者表示尽管有此变化,但是灰霾依然是中国的一个严重的环境污染问题,减少其它污染物的排放仍具有重要意义。


India Is Overtaking China as the World’s Largest Emitter of Anthropogenic Sulfur Dioxide


Severe haze is a major public health concern in China and India. Both countries rely heavily on coal for energy, and sulfur dioxide (SO2) emitted from coal-fired power plants and industry is a major pollutant contributing to their air quality problems. Timely, accurate information on SO2 sources is a required input to air quality models for pollution prediction and mitigation. However, such information has been difficult to obtain for these two countries, as fast-paced changes in economy and environmental regulations have often led to unforeseen emission changes. Here we use satellite observations to show that China and India are on opposite trajectories for sulfurous pollution. Since 2007, emissions in China have declined by 75% while those in India have increased by 50%. With these changes, India is now surpassing China as the world’s largest emitter of anthropogenic SO2. This finding, not predicted by emission scenarios, suggests effective SO2 control in China and lack thereof in India. Despite this, haze remains severe in China, indicating the importance of reducing emissions of other pollutants. In India, ~33 million people now live in areas with substantial SO2pollution. Continued growth in emissions will adversely affect more people and further exacerbate morbidity and mortality.

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