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Nat Commun:英国学者揭示地下泉水能缓冲气候多变影响

摘要 : 2017年5月30日,国际学术权威刊物自然出版集团旗下子刊《Nature Communications》杂志上在线发表了英国卡迪夫大学M. O. Cuthbert研究员的一篇研究论文,研究报告称地下水以天然泉的形式提供了淡水来源,发挥着缓冲气候多变影响的作用。

2017年5月30日,国际学术权威刊物自然出版集团旗下子刊《Nature Communications》杂志上在线发表了英国卡迪夫大学M. O. Cuthbert研究员的一篇研究论文,研究报告称地下水以天然泉的形式提供了淡水来源,发挥着缓冲气候多变影响的作用。研究同时表明,地下水的可用性对东非裂谷系的古人类演化和扩散模式影响极大。





Modelling the role of groundwater hydro-refugia in East African hominin evolution and dispersal


Water is a fundamental resource, yet its spatiotemporal availability in East Africa is poorly understood. This is the area wher most hominin first occurrences are located, and consequently the potential role of water in hominin evolution and dispersal remains unresolved. Here, we show that hundreds of springs currently distributed across East Africa could function as persistent groundwater hydro-refugia through orbital-scale climate cycles. Groundwater buffers climate variability according to spatially variable groundwater response times determined by geology and topography. Using an agent-based model, grounded on the present day landscape, we show that groundwater availability would have been critical to supporting isolated networks of hydro-refugia during dry periods when potable surface water was scarce. This may have facilitated unexpected variations in isolation and dispersal of hominin populations in the past. Our results therefore provide a new environmental framework in which to understand how patterns of taxonomic diversity in hominins may have developed.

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