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Sci Rep:聚在一起的长羽毛的恐龙

标签:驰龙 羽毛 鸟类
摘要 : 《科学报告》本周发表的一篇论文描述了中国东北辽宁省发现的一种体型大而前肢短且长有羽毛的驰龙,驰龙是鸟类的已灭绝的亲缘关系最近的类群之一。

 Scientific Reports》本周发表的一篇论文描述了中国东北辽宁省发现的一种体型大而前肢短且长有羽毛的驰龙,驰龙是鸟类的已灭绝的亲缘关系最近的类群之一。虽然已经发现过长有羽毛的小型驰龙,但是论文中描述的恐龙新种是第一次发现较大体型且前肢较短的有羽毛的驰龙。它的发现给知名的来自早白垩世时期的辽宁长羽毛的恐龙群增加了更多的多样性。


吕君昌和Stephen Brusatte在这篇论文中描述的新化石命名为振元龙,是发现的第二例具有短前肢的驰龙,并且是第一次在前肢上和尾巴上有羽毛的此类恐龙。振元龙和天宇盗龙的区别在于它身形略小(身长126厘米到165厘米之间)前肢比例更短小,但前肢支撑了大且有羽毛的翅膀。这些翅膀是否承担了任何飞行能力这点还不清楚。


A large, short-armed, winged dromaeosaurid (Dinosauria: Theropoda) from the Early Cretaceous of China and its implications for feather evolution


The famous ‘feathered dinosaurs’ from the Early Cretaceous of Liaoning Province, northeastern China, include several dromaeosaurids, which are among the closest relatives of birds. Most of these are small-bodied taxa with long arms and broad wings comprised of vaned feathers, but a single specimen (the holotype of Tianyuraptor) belongs to a much larger individual with reduced forelimbs, which unfortunately lacks any preserved integument. We describe a new specimen of large-bodied, short-armed Liaoning dromaeosaurid, which we designate as a new genus and species, Zhenyuanlong suni. The integument is well preserved and provides the first evidence of feather morphologies and distribution in a short-armed (and probably non-volant) dromaeosaurid, indicating that these rare and aberrant taxa had large wings consisting of pennaceous feathers on the arms and long pennaceous feathers on the tail very similar to their smaller and longer-armed relatives, but potentially lacked vaned feathers on the legs. Zhenyuanlong adds yet more diversity to the Liaoning dromaeosaurid fauna, helps further reveal a distinct short-armed bauplan among dromaeosaurids, and illuminates previously-unrecognized homoplasy that complicates dromaeosaurid phylogeny and suggests that the Liaoning taxa may not have formed their own clade.

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