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摘要 : 2016年7月29日,国际学术权威刊物自然出版集团旗下子刊《Nature Reviews Endocrinology》杂志在线发表了浙江中医药大学的韩贤林教授题为“Lipidomics for studying metabolism”的综述文章,文章介绍了脂质组学在代谢研究中的应用。

 2016年7月29日,国际学术权威刊物自然出版集团旗下子刊《Nature Reviews Endocrinology》杂志在线发表了浙江中医药大学的韩贤林教授题为“Lipidomics for studying metabolism”的综述文章,文章介绍了脂质组学在代谢研究中的应用。

文章中,韩贤林教授指出机体内存在数千种脂质,它们的代谢通过许多的信号通路和网络相互交织在一起。这些网络还可以响应细胞环境的改变,如锻炼或疾病形成发生改变。检测这样的改变,了解相关信号通路对于充分认识细胞代谢至关重要。这样的需求催生了脂质组学的出现,使得能够利用一些分析化学原理来开展大规模的脂质研究。由于质谱分析法的分析能力以及一些新设备与技术的快速发展,质谱法被广泛地应用于脂质组学中,大大加速了这一领域的发展。这篇综述文章 介绍了脂质组学,描述了可以帮助我们认识代谢信号通路的一些常见而重要的细胞代谢网络。重点介绍了脂质组学在研究脂质代谢和代谢疾病中的一些典型应用,以及未来脂质组学在研究代谢信号通路中的应用。


Lipidomics for studying metabolism


Many thousands of lipid species exist and their metabolism is interwoven via numerous pathways and networks. These networks can also change in response to cellular environment alterations, such as exercise or development of a disease. Measuring such alterations and understanding the pathways involved is crucial to fully understand cellular metabolism. Such demands have catalysed the emergence of lipidomics, which enables the large-scale study of lipids using the principles of analytical chemistry. Mass spectrometry, largely due to its analytical power and rapid development of new instruments and techniques, has been widely used in lipidomics and greatly accelerated advances in the field. This Review provides an introduction to lipidomics and describes some common, but important, cellular metabolic networks that can aid our understanding of metabolic pathways. Some representative applications of lipidomics for studying lipid metabolism and metabolic diseases are highlighted, as well as future applications for the use of lipidomics in studying metabolic pathways.

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