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摘要 : Nature:研究揭示共生-树突-细胞三者交互形成一种独特的保护皮肤免疫机制,皮肤是宿主和环境之间的主要接口。这个器官也是数以万亿计的微生物的家,在组织稳态和局部免疫发挥重要的作用。


皮肤是宿主和环境之间的主要接口。这个器官也是数以万亿计的微生物的家,在组织稳态和局部免疫发挥重要的作用。皮肤微生物群落高度多样化,可以重塑随时间或在应对环境挑战。如何,在这种复杂的背景下,个人的共生微生物的差异调节皮肤免疫和这些响应组织的生理后果尚不清楚。我们研究表明,共生为主的细菌影响皮肤免疫同时确定多空介质是参与到这独特过程中的。特别是,表皮葡萄球菌定植诱导能诱导表皮的IL-17A+ CD8+ T细胞,提高先天免疫屏障和限制病原体入侵。共生的特异性T细胞反应的是从宿主的皮肤树突状细胞亚群的协调产生的结果,跟炎症不相关,揭示组织共生细胞将意识和应对微生物群落的变化。这种相互作用可能是进化的手段,皮肤免疫系统采用脉动共生信号校准提供保护屏障免疫和异源病原体侵入。这些结果表明,皮肤免疫表皮环境是一个高度动态的环境,可以迅速地改造与定义的共生环境,这项研究对特异性免疫和疾病的认识有深刻的影响结果。

原文链接:Commensal–dendritic-cell interaction specifies a unique protective skin immune signature


The skin represents the primary interface between the host and the environment. This organ is also home to trillions of microorganisms that play an important role in tissue homeostasis and local immunity1, 2, 3, 4. Skin microbial communities are highly diverse and can be remodelled over time or in response to environmental challenges5, 6, 7. How, in the context of this complexity, individual commensal microorganisms may differentially modulate skin immunity and the consequences of these responses for tissue physiology remains unclear. Here we show that defined commensals dominantly affect skin immunity and identify the cellular mediators involved in this specification. In particular, colonization with Staphylococcus epidermidis induces IL-17A+ CD8+ T cells that home to the epidermis, enhance innate barrier immunity and limit pathogen invasion. Commensal-specific T-cell responses result from the coordinated action of skin-resident dendritic cell subsets and are not associated with inflammation, revealing that tissue-resident cells are poised to sense and respond to alterations in microbial communities. This interaction may represent an evolutionary means by which the skin immune system uses fluctuating commensal signals to calibrate barrier immunity and provide heterologous protection against invasive pathogens. These findings reveal that the skin immune landscape is a highly dynamic environment that can be rapidly and specifically remodelled by encounters with defined commensals, findings that have profound implications for our understanding of tissue-specific immunity and pathologies.

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