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摘要 : 人们对多能细胞形成神经细胞过程当中细胞发育的阶段和转变有很大兴趣。在这篇论文中,Alexander Meissner及同事对人类胚胎干细胞沿神经细胞方向分化过程中的六个连续阶段的转录情况和表观遗传情况进行了表征。

 人们对多能细胞形成神经细胞过程当中细胞发育的阶段和转变有很大兴趣。在这篇论文中,Alexander Meissner及同事对人类胚胎干细胞沿神经细胞方向分化过程中的六个连续阶段的转录情况和表观遗传情况进行了表征。




Dissecting neural differentiation regulatory networks through epigenetic footprinting

Models derived from human pluripotent stem cells that accurately recapitulate neural development in vitro and allow for the generation of specific neuronal subtypes are of major interest to the stem cell and biomedical community. Notch signalling, particularly through the Notch effector HES5, is a major pathway critical for the onset and maintenance of neural progenitor cells in the embryonic and adult nervous system1, 2, 3. Here we report the transcriptional and epigenomic analysis of six consecutive neural progenitor cell stages derived from a HES5::eGFP reporter human embryonic stem cell line4. Using this system, we aimed to model cell-fate decisions including specification, expansion and patterning during the ontogeny of cortical neural stem and progenitor cells. In order to dissect regulatory mechanisms that orchestrate the stage-specific differentiation process, we developed a computational framework to infer key regulators of each cell-state transition based on the progressive remodelling of the epigenetic landscape and then validated these through a pooled short hairpin RNA screen. We were also able to refine our previous observations on epigenetic priming at transcription factor binding sites and suggest here that they are mediated by combinations of core and stage-specific factors. Taken together, we demonstrate the utility of our system and outline a general framework, not limited to the context of the neural lineage, to dissect regulatory circuits of differentiation.


Epigenomics: Roadmap for regulation


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