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摘要 : 曾毅(音译)及同事利用移植和世系追踪方法发现,“蛋白C受体”(Procr,乳腺中Wnt信号传导蛋白的一个目标)是乳腺干细胞的一个标记。


Procr 只在小鼠乳腺富含基细胞/干细胞、但不含腔细胞的一个小子类群中表达。



原文链接:Identification of multipotent mammary stem cells by protein C receptor expression

The mammary gland is composed of multiple types of epithelial cells, which are generated by mammary stem cells (MaSCs) residing at the top of the hierarchy1, 2. However, the existence of these multipotent MaSCs remains controversial and the nature of such cells is unknown3, 4. Here we demonstrate that protein C receptor (Procr), a novel Wnt target in the mammary gland, marks a unique population of multipotent mouse MaSCs. Procr-positive cells localize to the basal layer, exhibit epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition characteristics, and express low levels of basal keratins. Procr-expressing cells have a high regenerative capacity in transplantation assays and differentiate into all lineages of the mammary epithelium by lineage tracing. These results define a novel multipotent mammary stem cell population that could be important in the initiation of breast cancer.(doi:10.1038/nature13851)

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