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摘要 : 澳大利亚莫纳什大学等处的研究人员识别出了一个离子通道,它在人类分娩过程中控制子宫收缩,在肥胖妇女中失去控制。该发现可解释为什么肥胖妇女经常有不规则的宫缩、与不肥胖的妇女相比更可能需要进行剖腹产。相关文章发表于2014年6月17日的《Nature Communications 》杂志上。

 澳大利亚莫纳什大学等处的研究人员识别出了一个离子通道,它在人类分娩过程中控制子宫收缩,在肥胖妇女中失去控制。该发现可解释为什么肥胖妇女经常有不规则的宫缩、与不肥胖的妇女相比更可能需要进行剖腹产。相关文章发表于2014年6月17日的《Nature Communications 》杂志上。


Helena Parkington和她的研究小组发现,钾离子通道hERG表达在人类子宫中。她们发现,hERG在怀孕期间是活跃的,在此期间它抑制收缩。然而,在分娩开始时,hERG被一个抑制性蛋白关掉。然后,这个“制动器”在hERG介导下的释放在分娩过程中会帮助发生强烈宫缩。该小组进而发现,肥胖妇女的这个“制动器”不能正确释放,这为肥胖妇女为什么往往分娩结果较差提供了一个机制上的解释。


Diminished hERG K+ channel activity facilitates strong human labour contractions but is dysregulated in obese women

Helena C. Parkington, Janet Stevenson, Mary A. Tonta, Jonathan Paul, Trent Butler,Kaushik Maiti, Eng-Cheng Chan, Penelope M. Sheehan, Shaun P. Brennecke, Harold A. Coleman & Roger Smith

Human ether-a-go-go-related gene (hERG) potassium channels determine cardiac action potential and contraction duration. Human uterine contractions are underpinned by an action potential that also possesses an initial spike followed by prolonged depolarization. Here we show that hERG channel proteins (α-conducting and β-inhibitory subunits) and hERG currents exist in isolated patch-clamped human myometrial cells. We show that hERG channel activity suppresses contraction amplitude and duration before labour, thereby facilitating quiescence. During established labour, expression of β-inhibitory protein is markedly enhanced, resulting in reduced hERG activity that is associated with an increased duration of uterine action potentials and contractions. Thus, changes in hERG channel activity contribute to electrophysiological mechanisms that produce contractions during labour. We also demonstrate that this system fails in women with elevated BMI, who have enhanced hERG activity as a result of low β-inhibitory proteinexpression, which likely contributes to the weak contractions and poor labour outcomes observed in many obese women necessitating caesarean delivery.

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