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Nat Commun:英国科学家揭示多莉的克隆衰老过程正常

摘要 : 2016年7月26日, 国际学术权威刊物自然出版集团旗下子刊《Nature Communications》杂志上在线发表了英国诺丁汉大学兽医科学学院K. D. Sinclair研究员的一篇研究论文,论文研究显示通过体细胞核移植技术创造出的克隆羊衰老过程正常。

 2016年7月26日, 国际学术权威刊物自然出版集团旗下子刊《Nature Communications》杂志上在线发表了英国诺丁汉大学兽医科学学院K. D. Sinclair研究员的一篇研究论文,论文研究显示通过体细胞核移植技术创造出的克隆羊衰老过程正常。该研究分析了13只成年克隆羊,克隆其中4只的遗传材料与世界上第一个克隆动物克隆羊多莉一样,这是首次开展的有关克隆对大型动物健康影响的长期研究。


Kevin Sinclair及其同事研究了13只7-9岁的克隆羊,其中四只克隆使用的是和多莉一样的乳腺细胞核,因此其实是多莉的克隆体(或者说基因组复制品)。研究者检测了这些克隆羊的肌肉骨骼、新陈代谢和血压情况,对其所有主关节进行了射线检查,并与对照组羊(5-6岁)进行了对比。这些克隆羊仍然健康地活着,仅患轻度骨关节炎,其中一只为中度,但是它们没有新陈代谢疾病的症状,血压也正常。



Healthy ageing of cloned sheep


The health of cloned animals generated by somatic-cell nuclear transfer (SCNT) has been of concern since its inception; however, there are no detailed assessments of late-onset, non-communicable diseases. Here we report that SCNT has no obvious detrimental long-term health effects in a cohort of 13 cloned sheep. We perform musculoskeletal assessments, metabolic tests and blood pressure measurements in 13 aged (7–9 years old) cloned sheep, including four derived from the cell line that gave rise to Dolly. We also perform radiological examinations of all main joints, including the knees, the joint most affected by osteoarthritis in Dolly, and compare all health parameters to groups of 5-and 6-year-old sheep, and published reference ranges. Despite their advanced age, these clones are euglycaemic, insulin sensitive and normotensive. importantly, we observe no clinical signs of degenerative joint disease apart from mild, or in one case moderate, osteoarthritis in some animals. Our study is the first to assess the long-term health outcomes of SCNT in large animals.

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