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摘要 : 对白内障(导致失明的最主要病因),目前惟一治疗方法是,通过手术将受损的晶状体取出来,植入一个人工晶状体。该方法有其局限性,所以人们对存在一种再生医学方法的可能性有很大兴趣。

 对白内障(导致失明的最主要病因),目前惟一治疗方法是,通过手术将受损的晶状体取出来,植入一个人工晶状体。该方法有其局限性,所以人们对存在一种再生医学方法的可能性有很大兴趣。本期Nature上发表的两篇论文所报告的研究成果有可能让我们离实现这种可能性更近一些。大阪大学大学院医学系研究科Kohji Nishida及同事描述了从人诱导多能干细胞在试管中生成“自形成外胚层自主多区域” (SEAM)结构的一个方法。SEAM包括来自眼表面外胚层、晶状体、神经视网膜和视网膜色素上皮细胞的不同细胞系。以前的实验主要关注获得一个细胞类型。本文作者发现,来自SEAM的细胞,当被移植给一个失明的动物模型时,还可以形成功能性角膜上皮。

Kang Zhang及同事分离了哺乳动物晶状体上皮干细胞/祖细胞,发现Pax6和Bmi1是它们的再生所需的。他们还建立了一个可保留这些细胞的清除受白内障影响组织的程序,并且对患白内障的野兔、猕猴和人类婴儿实现了晶状体再生。详情:Nature:中山大学张康研究组与刘奕志研究组联合发布干细胞治疗白内障研究论文


Co-ordinated ocular development from human iPS cells and recovery of corneal function


The eye is a complex organ with highly specialized constituent tissues derived from different primordial cell lineages. The retina, for example, develops from neuroectoderm via the optic vesicle, the corneal epithelium is descended from surface ectoderm, while the iris and collagen-rich stroma of the cornea have a neural crest origin. Recent work with pluripotent stem cells in culture has revealed a previously under-appreciated level of intrinsic cellular self-organization, with a focus on the retina and retinal cells. Moreover, we and others have demonstrated thein vitro induction of a corneal epithelial cell phenotype from pluripotent stem cells. These studies, however, have a single, tissue-specific focus and fail to reflect the complexity of whole eye development. Here we demonstrate the generation from human induced pluripotent stem cells of a self-formed ectodermal autonomous multi-zone (SEAM) of ocular cells. In some respects the concentric SEAM mimics whole-eye development because cell location within different zones is indicative of lineage, spanning the ocular surface ectoderm, lens, neuro-retina, and retinal pigment epithelium. It thus represents a promising resource for new and ongoing studies of ocular morphogenesis. The approach also has translational potential and to illustrate this we show that cells isolated from the ocular surface ectodermal zone of the SEAM can be sorted and expandedex vivo to form a corneal epithelium that recovers function in an experimentally induced animal model of corneal blindness.

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