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摘要 : 近日,自然出版集团旗下综合类刊物《Scientific Reports》在线发表了华中科技大学生命与科学技术学院陈正望教授课题组的最新研究成果。


 近日,自然出版集团旗下综合类刊物《Scientific Reports》在线发表了华中科技大学生命与科学技术学院陈正望教授课题组的最新研究成果。题为“The Soybean Peptide Vglycin Preserves the Diabetic β-cells through Improvement of Proliferation and Inhibition of Apoptosis”,生命与科学技术学院2012级博士生童宇星为论文第一作者,2011级博士生姜华(现为中科大博士后)与在导师陈正望教授为论文共同通讯作者。

研究人员分别利用1糖大鼠模型与肥胖的2糖小鼠模型结合部分细胞实验,在之前的研究基础上(相关成果已于去年发表于Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry),通过长达近1年的口服给药实验,观察到天然多肽Vglycin对糖尿病胰腺β细胞具有良好的保护和修复效果。初步的机制探讨显示Vglycin可能通过IR/Akt/Erk pathway发挥其对糖尿病及病理状态下的胰腺β细胞的治疗及保护功能。尽管更加精细的分子机制仍待阐明,然而本文的研究结果已明确表明这类天然多肽,对糖尿病这类严重危害人类健康的慢性疾病具有潜在的治疗效果和临床应用价值。


The Soybean Peptide Vglycin Preserves the Diabetic β-cells through Improvement of Proliferation and Inhibition of Apoptosis


Replenishment of insulin-producing pancreatic β-cells would be beneficial in diabetes. The number of β-cells is maintained primarily by self-neogenesis to compensate for β-cell failure, loss or dedifferentiation. We present here a polypeptide vglycin, which was isolated and purified from germinating pea seeds. Vglycin exhibited positive effects in our diabetic models by promoting the proliferation and suppressing the apoptosis and dedifferentiation of β-cells. Vglycin promoted the restoration of β-cells in both young streptozotocin (STZ)-induced type 1 diabetic SD rats and in aged high-fat diet with (or without) STZ-induced type 2 diabetic C57BL/6 mice. We demonstrated that vglycin triggers this positive signaling by activating the insulin receptor and corresponding transcription factors. Impaired insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance in aged T2DM mice were dramatically improved after long-term vglycin treatment, consistent with the altered level of inflammatory factor IL-1β/6. In addition, energy expenditure and body weights were significantly decreased in the mouse models after vglycin therapy. These results provide insight into the protective effects of vglycin on ameliorating β-cell function in standing glucolipotoxicity. Thus, vglycin may represent a new therapeutic agent for preventing and treating diabetes by replenishing endogenous insulin-positive cells.

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